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Straight pool

One of the varieties of American pool is straight pool or as it is also called "14+1 with extension". Since new rules and conditions of the game were constantly appearing in billiards, the "Continuous pool" was previously known, which was not very different from the straight known today. The principle of ordering did not apply in "Bezpervny Kuli". But straight pool is a game with an order, that is, before the start, the player must "order" the ball he is going to hit, as well as the hole. If he scores the ball, he continues to score until he misses or until the first foul. Then the right to play passes to the opponent. One scored ball counts as one point. You can score 14 balls, and when you hit the last 15 ball, the pyramid is placed again. To win, it is necessary to score the number of balls previously agreed between the players, it can be 50, 70, 100 or 150 balls. Whoever gets the required number of points first wins. Experienced pool players usually score a large number of balls and play long series of games.

In general, straight pool was invented at the beginning of the 20th century by the champion of "Continuous Pool" Jerome Koch. Straight pool is quite an interesting and exciting game, but it is mostly popular among professionals who can score quite a lot of points, in addition, special straight pool tournaments are held. Over the years, American billiards has not lost its relevance and is still in demand among many fans of billiard games. Today, there are several varieties of American pool: pool nine, pool seven, ten, pool in one pocket, through the ball and rotation. In our billiard club, you can play American pool in a pleasant and cozy atmosphere with your friends, and home-made Odesa cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent.