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American pool

The name "pool" comes from the French word, which means "bank, stake, ball". The term "pool" is used not only in the field of billiards, but also when referring to all gambling games, for example: horse racing, poker. In other words, the word "pool" means a monetary bet. Such a name as "poolroom" meant a room where bets were taken. And so that the players could have a quiet time before the jumps, an American pool table was placed in the hall. Over time, "poolroom" began to be called American billiard rooms, although, in fact, the original meaning of "poolroom" was completely different and meant exactly the rooms for accepting bets. American pool is a fairly young game compared to classic billiards. It is also called "American billiards" in another way, but it should not be confused with another type of Russian billiards - "American billiards". Throughout time, the rules of the game and the size of billiard equipment have changed, even before the 18th century, American billiards differed from today's pool.

Already at the beginning of the 19th century, the American pool, which is familiar to us today, was born. The creator of modern American billiards is considered to be Michael Phelan, who developed new billiard tables and game rules. But already in 1910, another type of pool appeared, which was called "direct pool" or, as it is also called, "14.1 with extension". Basically, the rules of this game coincide with the rules of American pool, but there are some peculiarities. The game is "to order", meaning that before each game the player orders a pocket and a ball. Other varieties are also distinguished, for example, the well-known "eight" - a game in which it is possible to score balls only of one's group, and then a new game appeared - "nine". The game of American pool is exciting and cannot leave anyone indifferent. Billiard club "Russian style" offers a great time with friends playing American pool in a cozy billiard hall. Make the most of your free time actively, but at the same time in a calm and pleasant atmosphere.