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Russian billiards

For the first time in Russia, people learned about billiards at the beginning of the 18th century, when Peter learned about it after visiting Holland abroad. He immediately liked this game and it became one of his favorite pastimes. Soon the game of billiards gained some popularity among the nobles. Billiard tables began to appear in estates, halls, clubs, and palaces. This entertainment captivated most of the privileged people and became the main way of spending time. At the beginning of the 19th century, billiard equipment was very disproportionate and different from each other, which led to a deterioration in the quality of the game. For example, the balls were very different from each other in terms of volume and were smaller compared to the width of the pockets, the sides were sometimes too high, sometimes too low, everything entailed the inaccuracy of the game and if two opponents played, then the chances of winning were equalized, and the game became completely uninteresting.

In 1828, Karl Schultz developed the first billiard table in Russia. But already in 1850, Freyberg created a Russian billiard with six pockets, which met all the requirements of the game and was of high quality. Freyberg was a good billiards player and managed the first billiards factory in Russia. The accuracy of the calculation of the optimal sizes of balls and pockets caused the difficulty of playing Russian billiards. You can get into a corner pocket along the board with a very accurate shot. Back in the 1930s, a new billiard game - "Small Russian Pyramid" - became popular in Russia. And until now, it does not leave anyone indifferent and is popular among players. Today, there are several types of Russian billiards, which differ in the rules of the game: "American" or free pyramid, combined, dynamic pyramid and classic or "Small Russian pyramid". The pool club in Odesa "Russian Style" offers you a choice of 12 pool tables for the Russian pyramid, you can also visit a bar with very tasty Odesa home cooking.