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Billiards is a set of board games with different rules. In addition, the table intended for the game is also called billiards. The main varieties of billiards are distinguished: carom, Russian billiards, free pyramid or American, combined pyramid, snooker, American pool, kaiza (Finnish). Like chess, billiards is an ancient game, but the roots of the origin of billiards have not yet been precisely determined. Some believe that the game of billiards originated in India, and some in China. Back in the 15th century, the first billiard table was created specifically for the French king Louis XI. Modern billiard tables are analogues of their predecessors. The original pool tables had a stone base covered with tightly woven cloth. Billiard slabs were usually made of natural slate, which is known to be a rather heavy and expensive rock. Therefore, they began to look for a replacement for the heavy plate in such a way that the quality of playing billiards would not suffer. At first they tried to make marble tables, but they cracked and crumbled under the impact of bullets. In the Soviet Union, there were attempts to produce slabs from cast iron and reinforced concrete, but their use was not successful. Soon, a more suitable and profitable option for the production of asphalt-sand slabs was offered. They were cheaper, much lighter and, at the same time, easily processed.

Despite the rapid development of technology, it was not possible to find a replacement for natural plates. Today, the following materials are used for the production of billiard boards: synthetic granite, chipboard, laminated chipboard, fiberboard, as well as natural slate (ardesia). Billiards was originally a game for aristocrats and the elite stratum of society, as the large dimensions, bulkiness of billiard equipment, as well as the high cost, did not allow many people to have a billiard table at home. Today, there are special billiards clubs that offer a wide selection of different games. Billiard club Russian style is perfect for a good rest with friends, spending time in a pleasant atmosphere.