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Billiards is a set of board games with different rules. In addition, the table intended for the game is also called billiards. The main varieties of billiards are distinguished: carom, Russian billiards, free pyramid or American, combined pyramid, snooker, American pool, kaiza (Finnish). Like chess, billiards is an ancient game, but the roots of the origin of billiards have not yet been precisely determined. Some believe that the game of billiards

Russian billiards

For the first time in Russia, people learned about billiards at the beginning of the 18th century, when Peter learned about it after visiting Holland abroad. He immediately liked this game and it became one of his favorite pastimes. Soon the game of billiards gained some popularity among the nobles. Billiard tables began to appear in estates, halls, clubs, and palaces. This entertainment captivated most of the privileged people and became the main

American pool

The name "pool" comes from the French word, which means "bank, stake, ball". The term "pool" is used not only in the field of billiards, but also when referring to all gambling games, for example: horse racing, poker. In other words, the word "pool" means a monetary bet. Such a name as "poolroom" meant a room where bets were taken. And so that the players could have a quiet time before the jumps, an American pool table was placed in the hall. Over


"Snooker" is English billiards, but it should not be confused with its similar name "English billiards". Snooker became most popular in Great Britain, and then at the end of the 20th century it became popular almost all over the world, mainly in China and European countries. Despite the fact that billiards is one of the oldest entertainment games, the concept of "snooker" appeared only in the 70s of the 19th century. There is a version that the creator

About Combined Pyramid

The game "Combined Pyramid" belongs to the varieties of Russian billiards, which is also called "Moscow". or "Siberia". The main goal of the game is the same as in the classic game, namely: you must be the first to score eight balls. You can score with only one bullet, and fifteen are used in the game. The shot comes from home just like in other games. The difference between Moskovska is that you don't need to order a ball and pocket in advance and

Straight pool

One of the varieties of American pool is straight pool or as it is also called "14+1 with extension". Since new rules and conditions of the game were constantly appearing in billiards, the "Continuous pool" was previously known, which was not very different from the straight known today. The principle of ordering did not apply in "Bezpervny Kuli". But straight pool is a game with an order, that is, before the start, the player must "order" the ball

About Free pyramid

About Dynamic pyramid

Novus game

History of Russian billiard

Both professional players and amateurs say that Russian billiards is a fiendishly difficult game, requiring both the skills of a craftsman and the patience of a saint. Billiards appeared in Russia almost 300 years ago, when Tsar Peter the Great imported it from Europe. From the outset, the Russians turned it into a whole new ball game. Russian billiards, or as it is often called, the Russian Pyramid, is played with 15 white and one red cue ball

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