16, Tiraspolskaya str., Odessa

Passage scheme
Telephone number:
+38093 667-90-98, 726-57-59

Opening the outdoor area

Our club invites you to visit winter terrace. Now there will be an opportunity to enjoy the delicious Odessa cuisine of our billiard club. our menu offers a huge range of a wide variety of food and drinks. Here you can study our menu in more detail, where all the names and descriptions of the offered dishes and drinks are indicated, as well as the prices accordingly.

It's time for a pre-holiday mood, bright and unforgettable days. It's time for new impressions, surprises and new positive emotions. Also, it's time for updates and new offers in the billiard club in the center of Odessa - "Style". Since ancient times, billiards has been considered a wonderful game that develops in a person not only moral and psychological qualities, but also physical ones. Billiards allows you to fully relax, take a break from everyday affairs and working days. Therefore, as nowhere better than meeting with friends in the billiard club "Style". We will help you to fully and qualitatively relax!