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High class billiard club presents harmony of sport and relax, comfort and competition, classic style modesty and exquisite atmosphere of respectability. We managed to create unique, pleasing environment. Our club is perfect for calm and simultaneously active leisure, for people having taste in rest, for those who appreciate sports excitement and luxurious leisure.

The game of snooker is a cue sport which emerged in its modern form in the late 19th century, with roots going back to the 16th century form of English billiards. Billiards was popular among the British Armed Forces stationed in India. As billiards was only a two player game, new games such as life pool and pyramid pool were developed in order to accommodate more players. Eventually, these two games were combined to form snooker. The name snooker
History of Russian billiard
Both professional players and amateurs say that Russian billiards is a fiendishly difficult game, requiring both the skills of a craftsman and the patience of a saint. Billiards appeared in Russia almost 300 years ago, when Tsar Peter the Great imported it from Europe. From the outset, the Russians turned it into a whole new ball game. Russian billiards, or as it is often called, the Russian Pyramid, is played with 15 white and one red cue ball

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