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About club

High class billiard club presents harmony of sport and relax, comfort and competition, classic style modesty and exquisite atmosphere of respectability. We managed to create unique, pleasing environment. Our club is perfect for calm and simultaneously active leisure, for people having taste in rest, for those who appreciate sports excitement and luxurious leisure.

About club

Billiard club “Russkiy stil” works since 08-15-1996. It is one of the oldest billiard clubs in Odessa. The building of the club is in the very center of Odessa. It was build at the end of 19th century and now it is architectural monument.

First, there was only one billiard hall with four billiard tables in the club. But management paid a lot of attention to quality of billiard tables, cues and other equipment. Professionalism and high class service provided comfort , relaxation and plunge into the game.

Today “Russkiy stil” is 3-stored club. Each hall houses three and less billiard tables to create atmosphere of isolation and to help more masterly game. The club is equipped with modern kitchen ware, excellent ventilation and conditioning system, what is very important for smoking persons.

Billiard club “Russkiy stil” welcomes you to have a good rest and to enjoy a good game.

Our club is really one of the best in Odessa.

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